About Me

Just another day at work.

My name is Joshua Son. I am a 23 year old actor, stuntman, and photographer living and working in Dalian, China. I started photography almost 2 years ago shortly before I got my first acting job. Since then I have developed my skills in both arts and find myself doing both on nearly a daily basis. I found myself drawn to photographs on the street early on in Dallas Texas, and steadily practiced until I found street photography to be part of my normal routine. I now walk almost everywhere with my camera in hand ready for any scene that presents itself.

Street photography is something I really enjoy and because it seems to be a genre that is often surrounded by confusion and apprehension I decided to share my views on it and educate some of my fellow photographers who might not know where to start.

I currently do all of my photography with:

Olympus Em5 Mark II with large eyecup
Voigtlander 25mm F0.95
Voigtlander 10.5mm F0.95
Canon FL 85mm F1.8 with speedbooster.
Canon AE-1 and Canon FL 50mm F1.4

I sell some of my work as art prints and can be contacted at joshua.son2@yahoo.com for any requests for prints of work featured on the site.

I also post on instagram, flickr and facebook