Thursday, July 21, 2016

Takeout in China.

Delivery food in China is handled by deliver boys on bicycles like this one.

Eating in China can be an interesting experience. People often fall into one of two patterns. You either choose a few foods you are comfortable with and order those repeatedly everywhere you go, or you become a person obsessed with trying everything on offer. Some people like me tend to switch between the two.

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When I want to stick with foods I am used to and comfortable with I will order beef noodles (niu rou mein) Kung pow chicken (gong bao ji ding) or sweet pork slices (guo bao rou). It has also become a habit for me to eat baozi (meat filled steam buns) for breakfast each morning.  But when I am out and about I will often look for new foods to try.

Among the great things I have been introduced to in Chinese cuisine is the prevalence of delivery food. Almost every restaurant offers delivery. And those that don't can still do delivery if you use a 3rd party delivery service. Often at work my coworkers and I will order rice, noodles, meat dishes, and more all from the comfort of our office and have a hand made, home style Chinese meal delivered directly to our door. It's definitely a huge step up from the lunch breaks I was used to taking in the USA, where McDonalds or Taco Bell were the order of the day. I do miss Taco Bell though....

Check back soon because I will be uploading a post detailing some of the great street foods available here in China. Street food is my favorite way to eat here and I will be explaining a few of the reason's why and sharing a lot of photos of the various foods you can try.

If you have any questions about life in China, or there is something you would like to see a post about let me know in the comments and I will do what I can to answer your questions.

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