Friday, January 29, 2016

Is m43 useable at iso 12,800?

I have spoken with a lot of people online who seem to think that noise can break an image. They have this idea that m43 is totally unuseable past iso 1600 or 3200. This to me is a bit ridiculous. At is 12800 like the image I have included in this post there is more than enough detail to see whats going on. Its obvious that I took the photo because of the interesting view of two faceless hoods. The image makes sense. Its not the greatest image I've ever taken but the noise has nothing to do with that. Noise does not ruin an image. And m43 at iso 12800 still produces good images. At those iso's it is more important that the other aspects of your photo are technically correct but strong images can still be made.

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  1. Honestly... that really is every bit as bad as I imagined m43 would be at high ISO. It's detail-less except for the brightest areas and they're fuzzy. You're probably happy because the huge bold text has survived, but that's easy.