Saturday, January 9, 2016

Moving to Shenzhen

Since March of 2015 I have been living and working in Dalian China. While I have enjoyed my time here from acting, to the streets, I have decided along with my girlfriend to move to Shenzhen, China.

For me this move is another step towards the future. I gained another year of acting and stuntman experience in Dalian and have grown for it. My street photography developed and has started to take on its own form and I got to experience several interesting local environments in unique ways. There are many things here In Dalian I have yet to do that I have imagined. Photos that I want to create, places I wanted to visit. Dalian is a large city and I feel that I havent even begun to explore it to its fullest. Still, I am happy for the time I have had in the city and the  experience I have had here as well.

Moving to Shenzhen will give me the opportunity to develop my acting and modeling career in new ways, explore new areas, and meet new people. I am excited for the possibility of travel to and from hong Kong on a regular basis and I am also ecstatic to be moving into a even larger urban environment. To add on to my joy there are even parkour and freerunning groups based in Shenzhen which I intend to connect with and work out with.

Shenzhen is the city where I plan to take my photography to the next level and further develop my style while pursuing new aeas of interest including video production for youtube and chinese media sites like youku. My girlfriend and I plan to bring camera, lens, and equipment reviews to youtube, and english training videos to both youtube and chinese media.

To anyone who knows me in Dalian i have enjoyed my time here but its time to move on.

Best regards, Joshua Son

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